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She not only could overcome her pain, but also fear for surgery. She is happy to be pain free and live an independent life at 83

83 year old Daisy George was suffering from Knee Arthritis for the past 6 years. She lives alone in her ancestral house in Kottayam, Kerala. Daisy George was working abroad as a teacher and have travelled across the world, after her husband’s demise she decided to come back to Kerala and take care of her ancestral house. A very active Daisy who loved travelling, gardening, making new friends, was now leading a confined life due to her severe arthritis in both her knees. It made her movements restricted and she found it difficult to do her routine work.

For the past 2 years pain aggravated and became unbearable and Daisy was completely immobile and confined to bed. That is when her son and grand children decided to bring her to Bangalore for further treatment. After a lot of research by her and family they approached Dr. J V Srinivas, Consultant Joint Replacement Surgeon at from Fortis Hospitals. After thorough evaluation Doctor suggested for a total knee replacement. But Daisy was scared and skeptical to go under the knife considering her age and also the fear that she will not be able to walk again. Dr. Srinivas gave her the confidence and explained to her the advantages of this surgery. He also made us speak to his previous patients who have undergone knee replacements and how they are leading a normal life. “After much persuasion by my son, daughter-in-law I finally decided to say yes to surgery…”

On 2nd August 2012 Dr. Srinivas performed a very successful Total Knee Replacement Surgery. I was able to walk after 2 days of the surgery… I could feel the pain was gone.. initially was scared to walk alone, then Dr. Srinivas said you please walk alone and if I fall we will hold you. His words gave me lot of confidence and yes I could walk without any help and didn’t fall.

Today Daisy is very happy that she took the decision to go for the surgery. She says now she is able to sleep without pain, walk around with her friends, gardening and also travel with her grand children…

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