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She no longer fears surgery or her two bad knees

Often life’s biggest obstacles are the ones we create for ourselves. Take the case of Sarojamma and her fear of being bedridden or not being able to walk again. This had stopped her from going for Knee Replacement Surgery for many years. Unfortunately, that decision proved quite costly for her.

In 2010, Sarojamma had met with Dr. Narayan Hulse, Consultant Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon, and was advised to get knee replacements for both legs. But she never turned up on the day of the surgery. Somebody  told her that surgery was not a good choice and that her condition would get worse. To find a solution to her problem, Sarojamma travelled to three different states, trying all kinds of therapy from spiritual healing to Ayurveda, but to no avail. The 65-year-old had been suffering with knee pain for the last 8 to 10 years. Eventually it worsened to the extent that she could not walk for more than 20 feet, without a cane or some other support. Both her legs were bent at 45 degrees (bow-legged).

Finally, not able to withstand the pain anymore and seeing the Osteoarthritis getting worse, she approached Dr. Hulse again. As she was very apprehensive, they decided to do replacement surgery on only one knee. It was a complicated surgery because there was a lot of wear and tear of the bone, caused due to severe Arthritis over a long period of time. But the surgery was a success. She recovered well and walked just the second day, even with her badly Arthritic other knee.

It took her just two months to realise that the replacement had been a boon and she had made a mistake of not getting her knees operated earlier. So, she went back to the out-patient department and requested surgery for the other affected joint. The procedure was done on Aug 12th and she recovered very well. “The success of the treatment lies in the fact that she returned for the second knee within just two months,” added Dr. Narayan Hulse.

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