The Most talkative Boy in Class, was born deaf Apr06

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The Most talkative Boy in Class, was born deaf

For Kisan and Pinky Agarval, native of Ambikapur in Chattisgarh life was just about as good as it could get. They had what any Indian family could ask for, two healthy boys and a bundle of wonderful memories to be created over the years.

But soon enough things took a turn for the unimaginable. Yash looked like any other normal one and a half year old. Except, he wouldn’t react to his parents or his elder brother when they called out to him. Naturally they were alarmed but without an expert’s opinion, they attributed this to Yash’s slow growth.

As the problem persisted they consulted a physician. The truth felt like a blow to them when they found out that Yash was actually born with a hearing disability and would not be able to hear naturally.

This was probably the last thing any parent would ever want to hear and worse still, baby Yash found himself in a position that he would not even comprehend immediately. Kishan and Pinky started consulting a number of ENT specialists in Raipur and Mumbai as Yash was 18 months old and still unable to talk. In Mumbai he underwent speech therapy and was given a hearing aid. His parents were asked to bring him for a follow up every six months until he turned three.

Finally, Yash’s uncle met Dr. Sheelu Srinivas, an ENT specialist at Fortis Hospitals and discussed the problem with her. After diagnosing Yash , who was now four and a half years old, she advised the Agarwals to opt for a cochlear implant. Quite naturally, the family did not want poor Yash, who was already suffering to undergo surgery at such a tender age. But the doctor managed to convince the parents after explaining that a child’s brain development occurs tremendously up to the age of five, and that it was important to get the implant done before he turns five because after that even a cochlear implant surgery would not be able to help him.

So, Yash underwent the cochlear implant surgery on his right ear, followed by speech therapy for a whole year. Yash’s parents found the improvements quite dramatic.

Today, Yash is a talkative boy who enjoys school and scored 80% in his last set of examinations. His parents are thrilled and are planning to admit him in an English – medium school soon.

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