Losing weight to regain her confidence Apr05

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Losing weight to regain her confidence

It’s not easy being over-weight. We have all had a share of fat jokes, either as culprits or victims. While some may take it in their stride, these jokes affect many people at a psychological level. Apart from the ridicule, those who are prone to Obesity are at a high risk of multiple health problems such as Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Arthritis, Deep Vein Thrombosis, skin problems etc.

30-year-old Sharmista who was working at a multinational company in Chennai, had been obese from childhood. Her family also had a history of Diabetes. Needless to say, she was the subject of societal judgment and gossip for most of her life. Even the smallest activities such as shopping for clothes were a problem for her. What’s worse, as an adult, her obesity posed a problem to the idea of marriage. She faced a constant internal struggle worsened by external factors.

Over time, people suffering from Obesity are psychologically separated from friends and society in general. This makes them angry, frustrated and emotional. It creates mental weakness that affects their personal and professional lives. When co-workers pass comments on physical appearances it eventually leads to depression. The more depressed they get the more they feel like eating something that adds weight. It’s a vicious cycle.

After plenty of research and consultations with Dr. Deepak Subramaniam, Senior Consultant Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgeon, Fortis Malar Hospital, Sharmista made an informed decision to undergo Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy to solve her unrelenting Obesity problem. However, weight-loss was only one of the issues. Tests showed that that Sharmista had elevated HbA1c levels which would eventually led to Diabetes.

The surgery was a Bariatric procedure in which the surgeon reduced the stomach to 1/3 of its original size. Keeping the patient under the influence of general anesthesia, the remaining stomach is shaped into a tube or ‘sleeve’. The portion of the stomach that produces Ghrelin – the hormone that induces hunger, is cut and sealed using Endo GI staples.

Soon enough, Sharmista began eating less because of her decreased appetite, thereby inducing weight- loss. Her HbA1c levels were normalised after the surgery. Most importantly, after the surgery she started to feel much better both physically and mentally. And, since the surgery was minimally invasive, she was discharged within 4 days, with no complications during the post-operative period. She was treated with IV fluids, IV antibiotics, analgesics, anti-emetics and other supportive care. She was on a special diet for a month, until she resumed her regular diet.

Needless to say, the surgery was a success and Sharmista has faced no complications ever since. Over a span of 9 months, her weight dropped from 108 kgs to 75 kgs and she has continued to lose more weight. She is now at lower risk of Cardiac Disease and Diabetes. Also, the weight loss has made her more active and given her the encouragement to control food urges. Understandably, the procedure has also improved her self-confidence that took a beating since her childhood.


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