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He traded his walking stick for running shoes

It was 1986, and there was nothing this 30-year-old Ghana resident enjoyed more than the wind in his face and the thrill of adventure. Marcus Amos Tabil, an avid athlete, used to jog 7 kms a day and is one of the few people to have toured his country on a Yamaha 125 cc bike.

So, when the geomatic engineering graduate was offered a job at the National Mapping Agency, he accepted it with a smile as wide as the continent he was from. But all that changed one Christmas eve, when Marcus met with a horrible accident that left him with a dislocated hip bone and a painful limp. Doctors at the hospital had put his leg on traction and that left his left leg 4 cm longer than his right. This left him with an awful limp and 25 years on, he was still unable to walk without limping in pain.

Between 1986 and 1989, Marcus visited two of the largest hospitals in Ghana. The trauma of using a walking stick at such a young age was unbearable. Worse still, the doctors could not assure him of any results. So, he was prescribed medicines to address the pain. Unfortunately, it was not advisable for Marcus to undergo  Total Hip Replacement as the life span of the replaced hip was just 10 years. So, doctors decided to try the McMurray Operation, where the upper part of the thigh bone is broken to change the alignment of the hip joint. But with time, pain had slowly become a constant companion. Finally, the painkillers too stopped helping and Marcus decided to seek help abroad. He chose Fortis Hospitals in India.

After a thorough analysis, the medical team at Fortis Hospitals led by  Dr. J V Srinivas, Orthopaedic Surgeon, used Delta Motion Technology and replaced his hip with a ceramic on ceramic implant, that has a 30 year life span.

Soon after the surgery, a very grateful Marcus returned to Ghana minus the painful limp and bearing a smile from ear to ear.

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