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He felt 20 years younger at the age of 55

Every time Syed Siraj Ahmed hears of a morbidly-obese person contemplating weight-loss surgery with even the slightest bit of fear, he lands up at the person’s doorstep to clear any doubts. After all, who would know better, considering he once weighed 176 kgs.

Once upon a time, Syed could barely walk and suffered from numerous health disorders including High Cholesterol, Sleep Apnoea and Insulin Resistance. All of which could have easily claimed his life. He had been obese for over 20 years and his weight kept increasing till it reached a staggering 164 kgs. Syed went on endless diets, exercise regimens and underwent as many as six terribly painful liposuction procedures. But, he was unable to burn the calories he consumed and soon enough he was rapidly gaining weight, again. Making a bad situation even worse. His size started weighing down on both his mental and physical well-being.

When Syed developed a swelling on his left leg, he knew it was time to look at a permanent solution. So, he consulted an Orthopaedician, who referred him to Dr. Shabeer Ahmed, Consultant, Gastrointestinal, Bariatric and Laparoscopic Surgeon at Fortis Hospitals. This was a most curious case because even after six liposuctions, Syed’s weight went on increasing. Even though he did not have a sugar problem, Syed had already developed insulin resistance. So, it was decided to carry out a bariatric procedure known as Sleeve Gastrectomy. This is an irreversible procedure where approximately 70-80% of the stomach is removed and the remaining portion is stapled together to form a tube or sleeve. The reduced stomach size limits food intake as well as reducing the production of Ghrelin, the hormone that’s responsible for triggering hunger.

After the surgery, when he regained consciousness, Dr. Shabeer asked Syed to walk with him. Syed was overwhelmed because for the first time in years he was actually able to walk. Those were the first steps he took towards regaining his confidence. Since that day he has never looked back.

What should inspire confidence in anyone contemplating weight-loss surgery is the fact that today, Syed weighs just 96 kgs. But most importantly, along with weight,  he also lost the risk of co-morbid diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Osteoarthritis.

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