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Elderly man wins back his independence with a spine surgery.

Despite being 67 years old retired govt official, Mr. T S Rajagopal, lead an independent life and did not depend on anyone for his day to day activities for cooking or cleaning. However, destiny had other plans for him, one fine day he experienced severe pain in his hip, lower back and feet. He bore the pain for almost a month mistaking it for common aches arising out of old age. The pain continued to grow worse and as a result he was unable to stand or walk on his own. Unable to bear the thought of losing his independence, he met a Neurologist at Fortis Hospitals Bangalore along with his daughter. Upon examination, he was diagnosed to be suffering from a Lumbar Disc Prolapse and a Nerve Compression and was referred to Dr. Praharaj, a Consultant Neurosurgeon at Fortis Bangalore.

Lumbar Disc Prolapse, a common condition among the elderly arises out of weakening of bones due to osteoporosis. This unstoppable process progresses with time affecting the structural integrity of the spine. If not diagnosed or treated in time, it can lead to disability and incapacitating pain. Therefore, Dr. Praharaj advised Mr. Rajagopal to undergo a spine surgery. But the 67-year-old was hesitant to proceed with the treatment due to fear of the procedure.

To alleviate his fears, Dr. Praharaj informed Mr. Rajagopal that surgery was among the most effective treatments available to patients diagnosed with severe symptoms, and further reassured him that most patients return home within 4-to-5 days of the procedure. Now possible, thanks to minimally invasive surgical techniques that reduce the amount of blood lost and thereby aid a faster recovery. In fact, most patients manage to walk and sit on chairs within a day. The talk and encouragement helped Mr. Rajagopal change his mind and undergo the procedure. His pain disappeared within a day of surgery and he now leads a normal independent life.

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