Discovering a new lease of life at the age of 70 Apr15

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Discovering a new lease of life at the age of 70

In the past, Rajeshwari, a 70-year-old Communication Engineer, had been suffering from a constant acidity problem which was causing her lots of discomfort. But like most of us, she ignored it until the problem became intolerable. She visited Fortis Hospitals where doctors asked her to undergo an endoscopy and the report revealed that the duedonum (large intestine) was a little displaced. After the ultrasonography and CT scan, a lump was found in the left kidney. To her horror, Rajeshwari was diagnosed with a tumour in her left kidney (Renal Cell Carcinoma). She was advised to undergo surgery for the same. The very thought of a tumour began taking a toll on her life.

In most circumstances, a tumour in the kidney would mean removal of the whole kidney but Rajeshwari was given the option of undergoing Partial Nephrectomy by Dr. Mohan Keshavamurthy, Consultant Urologist and Transplant Surgeon at Fortis Hospitals. This is a new and advanced procedure, wherein only the affected part of the kidney is removed ensuring that the healthy functioning tissue is preserved. Moreover, in her case, the lump was protruding outside the kidney with a small part of the organ being affected, which made her an ideal candidate for the procedure.

In this procedure, the kidney was disconnected from the ureter and blood supply to the organ was stopped, reduce bleeding. Sterile ice was put on the kidney to cool it to a very low temperature during the operation, so that there was no damage to the kidney. The cancer was then removed with a 1 cm margin of normal tissue. “Once it is removed, the kidney is reconstructed and connected back and blood supply is restored”, said Dr. Mohan. This is one of the many advanced procedures, now available to patients who are diagnosed with urological cancers.

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