accidental discovery of a tumor saved this policeman's life Apr15

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accidental discovery of a tumor saved this policeman's life

It is rare that an unknown medical condition is discovered during a routine health check up. For Ganesh, a middle-aged police constable, who had undergone a routine urological check up at a health camp organised by Fortis Hospitals, it turned out to be a life saver.

Ganesh had been leading a healthy life. In fact just before the health camp he had been exercising. Never in his dreams did he think he would be diagnosed with this kind of a rare disease. Dr. MohanKeshavamurthy, Consultant Urologist and Transplant Surgeon, found a vague growth in the right kidney after ultrasound scan evaluation and suspected some kind of tumour. A CT Scan showed a 20 cm growth in the right kidney which could spread to the adjacent organ, his liver. There was no evidence suggesting spread to any other part of the body. The patient was totally unaware of the condition as he had no symptoms whatsoever.  On further evaluation it was found to be a rare form of kidney cancer called Synovial Sarcoma.

A growth in the kidney means a cancer until proven otherwise. There are various types of cancer seen in the kidneys. One of the most common types is called the Renal Cell Carcinoma which, though being dangerous is treatable if detected early. The doctors discussed the problem with Ganesh in detail and a final decision was taken to conduct a Radical Nephrectomy (removal of the kidney which is cancerous). During the surgery the tumour appeared cancerous and it was  removed.

After the surgery, Ganesh recovered remarkably. The team which included a Pathologist and Oncologist finally decided on the treatment plan. Ganesh was given a clear understanding of the status and a plan for chemotherapy was made. He has finished with his chemotherapy and is absolutely fine now.

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