A new lease of life 45 days after he was born Apr15

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A new lease of life 45 days after he was born

For a married couple, the birth of a child marks a whole new beginning, and also the creation of memorable moments. Unfortunately, that was not the case for baby Chirag’s parents.

When the parents of 45-day-old Chirag arrived at Fortis Hospitals due to the continuously deteriorating health of their son, doctors immediately conducted a thorough checkup and found that the baby’s heart had major problems. The tests showed that all four chambers of the heart had holes and the blood which came into the heart did not pump into lungs for circulation. But that’s not all, the heart had a single valve in place of two valves and there was also a major leak in the valve.

Needless to say, the baby was underweight, suffering from breathlessness and his life was in danger. But, the greatest challenge the doctors faced was the baby’s age. Chirag was just 45 days old and already suffering with an underdeveloped heart.  Normally, the heart needs at least 3 months to mature after a child is born.

Dr. Joseph Xavier, Consultant Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon who treated baby Chirag, said “The first step was to create two valves so the heart could function normally and the leakage was stopped. In the second step, the four holes were closed to create the four chambers. The other big challenge was repairing the membrane which was fully transparent and very difficult to operate upon.” After a successful surgery, the high lung pressure of the child was brought down by nitric oxide, which not many centers in Bangalore have.

Now, Chirag’s life is out of danger and he is recovering well. If this life threatening situation was not checked at the right time, there was a very high chance he would not have grown up like a normal child. A high level of expertise and knowledge is required to perform such surgeries and Fortis Hospitals Bangalore is equipped with both.

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